Conglomerate • Płyty Granitowe , Blaty Granitowe, Płytki Granitowe Artstone

Conglomerate artificially produced on the basis of natural stone where 95-97% of the product is milled natural stone such as marble, granite, quartzite (agglomarmur or conglomerate of marble, granite agglogranit or conglomerate, or conglomerate kwarcogranit granite-quartz and quartz conglomerate on the basis of ground quartzite) 3-5% whereas the binder are used as epoxy resins provide a very high compressive strength, low water absorption and resistance to abrasion and both low and high temperatures.

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Conglomerates, quartz, granite and granite – quartz because of its technical parameters are excellent material for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, facades, facades and floors in public buildings.