Granite • Płyty Granitowe , Blaty Granitowe, Płytki Granitowe Artstone


Granite is known as a building stone since ancient times. It has a coarse structure. It is formed deep beneath the earth’s surface. The Polish granite occurs among others in the regions of Lower Silesia region in Karkonosze.

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Granite is one of the hardest rock in the world. It is resistant to frost, abrasion, chemicals (acids) and is non-flammable. However, it is mouldable. Due to various technological processes, we can obtain various structures of granite.

Granite is used in architecture as a suitable objects of timeless character and grandeur.

Granite is a basic construction material used for the construction of tombs, on the floor, as kitchen countertops and more. Also used as a decorative element internal and external facades, widely regarded as the symbol of elegance and durability.