Travertine • Płyty Granitowe , Blaty Granitowe, Płytki Granitowe Artstone

 Travertine is a porous rock of tracer texture. It consists predominantly of calcite and aragonite. It is light and strong construction material also exhibits resistance to fire. Natural travertine is white, but impurities can stain it to the color yellow and brown. Travertine, due to the classic look and timeless beauty has become one of the most widely used natural stones. It is used both for floors and walls in łaziance, hallway or kitchen.

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Most commonly used in homes are filled and polished travertine, due to the higher resistance to grease and chemicals (citric acid). It is also easier to clean. In contrast, rawtravertine is ideal for the construction of fireplaces.

The Polish travertine occurs among others in the vicinity of Krakow, the Tatras and Podhale.
Travertine found in the company’s offer Artstone comes from central Italy, Turkey and Syria.