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Stairs, which is amazed

Artstone stairs

Internal stairs is the most crucial element for design, architecture home. Right away, they throw themselves in the eye and it is they are doing critical impression. No matter how expensive and luxurious furniture we buy and how we design the arrangement –
and so everyone will be looking at the room through the prism of the stairs (often unconsciously) and either say “your house makes a great impression,” or “something is missing” (and he probably did not know about it, he would have to think very poorly fitting or made rude stairs).

Over the last decade, internal stairs to reestablish the architecture took on special significance. Looking at just five previous years the frequency of giving them the look and shape according to customer’s increased almost 23 times! About as many times as architects receive special orders for a particular shape, material, or their specific location (ie many times decreased demand for standard wooden stairs). Times when the stairs were just a useful tool to move from one floor to another are gone. Now, at the same time they become part of the composition and its most important interior decoration. Different shapes degrees and railings, as well as materials from which they are made inside allow you to create an original form and give the room a sense of great style.

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Recently the most popular and hundreds of years enduring appeal enjoying the stairs, granite and marble staircase. These quasi symbol origins and development of civilization. Where the foundations were created in Europe today, that Athenian democracy, Roman law and Judeo-Christian religion, there was born to the architecture building used exclusive marble and granite. Entrance to every important place was starting to stairs (which had never non-application), and very often the building was surrounded by them, even – schodu formed like a mini platforms (eg Greek Acropolis, the Roman Colosseum, etc.)

Granite stairs are much more durable than those made of marble. Granite is extremely resistant to external factors rough, intractable scratch or discoloration. Obviously marble also has a large, but somewhat smaller resistance. Visually nicer than granite, however, requires more attention and care, because nieczyszczonym may appear minor stains with time. However, both materials are almost completely resistant to moisture, temperature and continuous operation, which causes the marble stairs and granite stairs are extremely durable. The visual effects of these raw materials also give an unforgettable aesthetic experience, so for these reasons that dynamically displacing the market very popular in Poland in the 90′ wooden stairs. Deciding on a marble staircase and granite stairs we are sure that they will survive for many years, will survive our children and grandchildren and give us and our guests enjoy the unique design beloved home.

Stairs made of marble and granite stairs are also a constant element used by choreographers and designers in the world of film and entertainment industry:

– Do not you ever wanted, watching Scarlett O’Hara that hits the arms of a man, played by Clark Gable (“Gone with the Wind”), that we would like to design our home made such an impression?

– Is looking imperious speeches of Tony Montana (“Scarface”) does not have dreamed to have as great house with huge marble staircase, situated at the center of the building.

– Is in our head not wallowed thought, watching the stars strolling through the famous marble staircase Kodak Theatre during the Academy Awards ceremony that also would miraculously be able to walk on them every day and feel as special.

Thanks to the development of architecture, continuous improvement of technology, and hence falling prices of services budowalnych and raw materials, we now have a chance to realize your desires – we have a great, wonderful, breathtaking marble staircase at home and it does not incur high costs. Implementation of the stairs with natural stone gives hundreds possibility to choose their appearance, starting on different colors, the shape (eg big and wide as the National Opera or narrower and screw as in the towers Baroque castles), ending on a rock structure. All this allows you to completely fit into the existing interior stairs and to our liking. Most are selected solely marble staircase or staircase, granite, but it is a method to combine these two materials together, which in recent times has gained much popularity. Granite is harder and more durable, so it is used to perform the steps. In contrast, softer and slightly susceptible to scratches marble is used in this case as part of the risers and as bases around the stairs.
Best visual effects achieved by linking together of granite and marble, necessarily color diversifying the steps and risers. The choice of materials for live and express color strongly enhances the results. Of course you have to remember not only the aesthetic effect. Please be sure to remember to secure non-slip on the banks of degrees. No awe-inspiring view of the house and a lovely interior design, they are not worth anything if we do not ensure our security and our loved ones.

With natural stone, which is the best representative of marble, we can do a lot of types of stairs. In addition to the most common simple, known staircases, you can select include great looking steps treatment, winding, openwork, or hanging on the supports. Of course, the cost of making the staircase of marble or granite is higher than the traditional wooden staircase, but this does not mean that their choice is less lucrative. Behind the stairs of marble and granite stairs speak powerful arguments: long-term service life and low costs associated with their maintenance. Since the staircase is built up in the house for 2 or 3 days, it is not difficult to note that the choice of marble stairs and granite stairs is actually more cost-effective, and release a little more money at the beginning, turns to run. If you speak too marble stairs and granite stairs unique atmosphere of the interior of our house and a continuous excitation interest them all invited – the choice does not have long to wonder. It is obvious as the fact that water is wet.