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Stairs, which is amazed

In recent years, again took on a special dimension - fulfilling their utilitarian function at the same time become a part of the composition and its interior decoration. Different shapes degrees and railings, as well as the materials from which they are made inside allow you to create a truly original form.

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Beautiful stone floors

The stone is expensive but extremely impressive floor finishing material. Tiles and slabs made of marble, travertine and granite can meet more often, not only in the ceremonial rooms of public venues, but also in homes and private homes. The most popular put on a stone floor is marble. Usually marble tiles are placed in bathrooms, living rooms and entrance halls.

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Exclusive finish your kitchen

Kitchen is seen as the heart of every home. This room is a special place in the lives of each family - usually held here all my life | family. It was in the kitchen, which is a critical point in any home gather all the tenants and spend time chatting and szykowaniu and consumption of common meals. This is the room that makes us think, above all, the warmth, smells and friendly atmosphere, due to the correct device is extremely important.

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Best of stone products for your bathroom

The bathroom is a room with a slightly different appearance and purpose of the rest of the apartment. In this room we can use only finishes that meet certain standards of operations.

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Panels Stonelite

For the first time slate quartzite was produced in the form of wallpaper - 2mm thick veneer.

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and Gentlemen!

Due to the natural origin of the stone, company ARTSTONE reserves the possibility of differences in the color scheme, different excesses i the vascularity, in relation to the website presented on the picture content. Samples and photo materials of ARTSTONE company are purely illustrative, informative and are in no way binding.